Through my vocational training in design technique I came to photography. What started as a duty soon became a passion. In the beginning exclusively analogue and mostly with b/w busy I now work in all areas of photography, technically and with regards to content, whereat content rules the technique. Thats why there are apart from the usual digital photographies also handmade prints, completely digitally created images or manipulations in my portfolio. A very importtant topic for my are contrasts, with regards to content or technically. Fine-art-nudes in buildings to be condemned, scene people in public or just the playing with light an shadow are just some examples.
In the area of model photography my special interests are those things that often disappear in the name of civilisation, fetishes, scene people and the little things that make people special. Shooting a model I always respond to the model en try to catch these special aspects of the being in front of my camera. Themeshots are only done with models who are familiar to the topic itself. For me it is not enough just to shoot a model dressed-up as a display dummy, I want to create authentic photographies.
Beside the results from modelshoots also other motives like concert photographies, architecture, landscapes or dayles scenes find their way into my portfolio.


Analogue photography, Photographic laboratory techniques, Diavision, Portrait, Urbex, Digital image editing and processing, Video production

First steps in digital photography, Produkt photography, Commercial photography

Removal to Berlin, Start of fine-art-nude and erotic photography

Start of concert photography, Launch &

Study start "Print and media technology"

Final degree: Dipl. Ing. (FH), Relaunch

Study start "Print and media technology"

Final degree: Master of Engeneering, Thesis about the production of coffee table books

Removal to Vlissingen, NL